Sunday, March 1, 2009

Some Newer Stuff

So much for no excuses last weekend. I don't believe I painted any, and I'm absolutely sure I didn't take any pictures. But I did take some pictures today, albeit of mostly older stuff (though newer than what I first posted). The Fantasy Orcs were all done about the same time. The Confrontation models are a little newer, the Biker Boss pretty recently (only 120 more Orks to go...), and finally, the Flesh Tearer Terminator is from my almost finished Flesh Tearers army. In fact, I painted up the final primed model, the Techmarine, yesterday, which means every model is painted and if it's not done now, just needs some detailing. I'm pretty ready to wrap up the Flesh Tearers project, if for no other reason, I've grown pretty tired of painting red. My hope is to have more pictures of the Flesh Tearers up soon.

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